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flight delay

Flight Compensation

You are eligible to receive compensation of up to £520 if your flight experiences a delay exceeding three hours or if it's cancelled.

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What Is Flight Delay Compensation?

Under UK 261, passengers retain equivalent rights to those under the previous regulation. However, depending on their departure and destination points, they may be safeguarded by either UK law or the pre-existing EU legislation.

The primary aim of this regulation is to safeguard passengers from mistreatment by airlines in instances of flight delays, cancellations, or denied boarding.

It was established to compensate passengers for the inconvenience and time lost when facing substantial disruptions to their travel plans.

You are entitled to compensation of up to £520 per passenger if:

You arrive at your final destination 3 hours later than planned


The airline must be responsible for the delay


your flight departed from or landed in the UK


The flight was in the last 6 years

A History Of Success

​Our partner has claimed over £78m in flight delay compensation. More than any other law firm

Quick Compensation

Many flight compensation claims are settled in 30 days

No Win No Fee

You are only charged out of your compensation, so there is no risk with court fees, etc

Family in Airport

Claim Up To £520 Per Passenger

You can claim for each passenger. If you were a family of four and were due £520 each, the total amount would be £2080.

93% Success Rate In Court

Based on 10,211 court proceedings issued between May 2013 and February 2016.

4.7* Review Score

We use the UK's largest flight delay compensation law firm with a 4.7* feefo score.


Do airlines have to disclose the reason for a cancelled flight?

Airlines aren't legally required to disclose the reason for a cancelled flight unless you make a compensation claim that is denied. In that case, they must explain the circumstances surrounding the cancellation and why they believe it exempts them from providing compensation.

Can I claim flight compensation for other members of my family or friends who were also on the flight?

Yes, you can manage their claims with their personal information. If under 18, someone needs to claim on their behalf. Even children without their own seat can be claimed for unless they were travelling free of charge.

Do I have to go to court for a flight compensation claim?

If you claim through us, lawyers will handle all legal proceedings on your behalf, and you won't need to attend any hearings.

Does the price of my ticket affect my compensation claim?

The compensation amount isn't influenced by the ticket price. Whether you paid with air miles, £50, or £5,000, the compensation remains the same. You can also claim for infants, even if no fare was paid for them. Even if your ticket was purchased by your employer, you can still claim as compensation is for inconvenience and time, not ticket cost reimbursement.

Can I claim flight compensation due to bad weather?

If bad weather results in air traffic control decisions limiting flights, it might not be eligible for compensation. Bad weather must be 'freak' or 'wholly exceptional' for airlines to use it as a defence against compensation claims. However, if bad weather causing delays is expected for a specific location, such as heavy snowfall in a ski resort, compensation may be claimable.

Can I claim flight compensation due to a technical fault with the plane?

Yes, following legal precedents, flight delays due to technical issues are claimable under Regulation 261/2004.

Can I claim flight compensation if the flight was cancelled due to underbooking?

It depends. If you were notified of the cancellation more than 14 days before the departure date, the airline isn't obliged to pay compensation under the regulation.

Can I claim flight compensation if the pilot or crew were late?

Yes, delays caused by staffing issues are claimable under the regulation, including delays due to late or ill crew or pilots.

Can I claim flight compensation if the plane was late arriving from its previous destination?

In most cases, delays caused by late arriving previous flights are claimable, even for events like lightning strikes or staffing issues. However, if the delay is due to extraordinary circumstances like extreme weather or air traffic control decisions, it may be more challenging to claim.

Can I claim flight compensation if I was diverted to a different airport?

It depends. If the diversion wasn't due to extraordinary circumstances like a medical emergency or extreme weather, you should be able to claim. Even if the delay was due to extraordinary circumstances, the airline should cover all costs to get you to your original destination.

Can I claim flight compensation if I missed a connecting flight?

Sometimes. The eligibility can depend on various factors like timings or if it was part of the same journey. It's best to submit details for our team to assess.

Can I claim flight compensation if my flight is a codeshare?

Yes, you can claim as long as the flight operator is UK or EU based. The operator of the flight is ultimately responsible.

Am I entitled to compensation if I'm denied boarding due to airport caps, but the flight isn't cancelled?

If you're denied boarding despite the flight not being cancelled, you have a strong case for compensation. Additionally, you're entitled to a full refund or a replacement flight with any airline.

Can I claim flight compensation if I've already contacted the airline?

Yes, you can. We can take up your claim at any stage, including after contacting the airline, and often turn initially rejected claims into successful ones.

Can I claim flight compensation if I've already contacted the CAA?

Yes, if the CAA hasn't secured compensation for you, we can assist in achieving a successful outcome.

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