diesel emissions claims

Diesel Emissions Claims

Have you been affected by the Dieselgate scandal? You could be eligible for up to £10,000 with if you owned or leased a diesel vehicle between 2007 and 2018.


Can I Make A Diesel Claim?

If you purchased a diesel car from Mercedes, BMW, Skoda, VW or Seat between 2007 and 2018, you could be eligible for a diesel emission claim, worth anything from a few hundred pounds to as much as £20,000.

The ‘dieselgate’ scandal broke in 2015 when it emerged that a number of brands had used a ‘defeat device’ to disguise how much emissions were being released from their vehicles. In some cases, the noxious emissions were 35 times their legal limit, causing a lot of pollution.

Whilst the car brands are reluctant to give discounts or admit any wrongdoing, you have the opportunity to make a claim for diesel emissions and receive a large lump sum as compensation. Currently, this is said to have impacted 500,000 vehicles in the UK and you could be eligible for compensation. 

You could be eligible for a refund if you purchased a diesel car between 2007 and 2018 and:

You wouldn’t have bought the car if you knew about the flaw


You paid more for the car than you should have


Your vehicle had to be fixed to meet emission standards

If any of the above statements apply to you, you could be eligible for a claim. Start your claim below for professionals to guide you through the process.

How Much May I Reveive?

An average £8,500 in compensation is estimated for each claimant in the case, with the action possibly totalling up to £10.2 billion across the nation. This would make it one of the biggest group actions ever seen in the UK. The FCA estimated that hundreds of thousands of motorists might have been mis-sold finance packages. In some cases, customers are being overcharged by over £1,000 in interest in order for the dealership to obtain a higher commission pay-out. The FCA estimates this could be costing consumers £300 million annually.

This claim is being litigated on a No-Win, No-Fee basis, meaning it costs you nothing to join. If we do not win you compensation money, we will cover all legal costs and you will not pay a penny. If the case is won, a percentage will be deducted from your compensation costs to cover legal fees, court fees, and our success fee.

Customers have lost out for the following reasons:

The increased Nitrogen Dioxide levels are harmful to children, adults, and the environment


Customers may have experienced higher fuel bills and maintenance costs


The performance of these vehicles was negatively affected

You can help the environment while making money by claiming back from your vehicle manufacturer.

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