claim loan refund process

The Claims Process

Claiming a refund against a lender can be a daunting task.
Having representation can make it easier.


The Steps To Claiming A Refund

Claiming a refund against a mis-sold loan or financial service can seem a daunting task. A claims professional can support you throughout the process and maximise your chances of succeeding. On this site, we have made the process clear, simple and easy to understand.

We understand and acknowledge that irresponsible lending is not fair and we are here to help correct that injustice. Millions have been paid out to customers of lenders who have been mis-sold loans. If you have an unaffordable loan, we can complain and ask for interest to be removed from your balance. If the loan has been settled, you can ask for a refund of the interest you paid.


When using representation the process can be very simple...


Step 1: Complete a claim form providing some basic information, including your contact details. If you click "Start A Claim" below, you will be directed to our online form where you can complete your information entirely online.


Step 2: You will then be in touch with our partner who will help you with any claim you wish to make. Once the claim is submitted to your lender you will be kept up to date on its progress periodically and informed of any updates.


Step 3: Once a response from your lender is received regarding your complaint, this will be communicated to you with an appropriate course of action- for example, accepting the claim or asking the Financial Ombudsman to review it, if required. You should receive a response to your complaint between 8 and 12 weeks after submitting it. After your claim is accepted by your lender, the refund will be transferred into your account or a balance reduction applied to your account.

Was your loan unaffordable? Millions of pounds have already been paid out to people just like you. Don’t miss out on a refund, complain and claim and get back what is rightfully yours!

We can help you make claims for mis-sold high cost loans, car finance, packaged bank accounts, mortgages and credit cards.


Complete a Claim Application

Making a claim is simple with representation. Just fill in a quick form.


Your complaint is handled by professionals

Your claim will be handled by an experienced team, who will complain to your lender on your behalf.


Reclaimed funds to be Transferred

After a claim is successful, the redress money is transferred to you.

You do not need to use a claims management company to make your complaint to your lender. If your complaint is not successful you can refer it to the Financial Ombudsman Service yourself for free.

Unaffordable Lending

The main reason for redress in the UK is unaffordable lending. Unaffordable lending means lending that the borrower could not reasonably afford at the time it was taken out. Lending money without checking affordability is known as irresponsible lending. If you were only able to repay your high-cost loans by juggling other loans or credit cards to get through the month, then your lender may not have made appropriate checks.

According to Chapter 5 of The Financial Conduct Authority Sourcebook:

“The firm must consider the customer’s ability to make repayments under the agreements without failing to make any other payment the customer has a contractual or statutory obligation to make, and​ without the repayments having a significant adverse impact on the customer’s financial situation."

If you are struggling with living costs then Citizens Advice give guidance on how you can manage your situation here.

Signs that your loan(s) may have been unaffordable include:

You frequently consolidated loans or borrowed shortly after repaying a loan


Your loans from a single lender were regularly increasing in size


You missed some repayments


You made some repayments late


The loan repayment was a substantial part of your disposable income


You were using one form of debt to fund another.