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Tenancy Deposit Claims

If your past or current landlord has not protected your deposit, you can claim up to 3 times the amount of the deposit. Claim today

Thousands Have Claimed | Claim Up To 3x Deposit | No Win, No Fee

Can I Make A Tenancy Deposit Claim?

When you pay your tenancy deposit to your landlord or letting agent, they can’t simply keep it in their bank or savings account. They must follow a strict set of rules, which are bound by law in the Housing Act 2004. Breaking these rules could lead to a claim for compensation worth many times the value of the deposit.


There are 3 deposit schemes in England & Wales. Your landlord must use one of them must be used to protect your deposit. They are DPS (Deposit Protection Service), MyDeposits or the TDS (Tenancy Deposit Scheme). They have to do this within 30 days of you paying the deposit, and it must be protected for the duration of your tenancy. By not telling you they protected your deposit, even if they did, they are in breach of the rules, which could be grounds for compensation.


If you didn't get confirmation of your deposit going into a scheme within 30 days of paying it, let us know by completing our form. According to a study by, about a third of tenants say their landlord did not protect their deposit correctly. 

All claims are no win, no fee. Don’t miss out on £100’s or even £1,000’s in compensation you could be entitled to.

Legal Experts

A legal expert will look at your situation and tell you if they think you have a case.

Simple Process

Making a claim is simple. With just a few details you can start the process.

No Win, No Fee

You are only charged after the claim has been won and you have your compensation!

unprotected deposits

Key Facts

Nearly 15% Of Deposits Not Protected

The Center for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) estimates that 14.5% of all deposits held are not protected

Over 500,000 Can Claim 

The above would suggest there are 586,000 tenancies in the private rental sector that are neither compliant nor unprotected, and may have a claim

Claim 3x Deposit Value

Compensation can be up to 3x the deposit amount, meaning many millions of pounds can be claims

Free Assessment

We will go through your circumstances and help find out if you have a case.

Quick And Easy

Starting a deposit protection claim is simple and you are not charged anything unless you win.

Compensation to be Transferred

After a claim is successful, the compensation is transferred straight to you.


Can I make a tenancy deposit claim if I no longer live at the property?

Yes. As long as it has been no longer than 6 years since the landlord broke the rules, you can still make a claim against a previous landlord. This includes if the deposit has been returned.

How do I know whether I have a tenancy deposit claim?

There are various ways a landlord can be in breach of their obligations. This includes not protecting your deposit in time, not protecting it at all or not telling you they protected it. The first thing to consider is whether or not you were told the deposit is protected within 30 days of paying it. You can also check whether or not the deposit is registered with any of the three available schemes (TDS, DPS and mydeposits). We can help you do this.

Can I Make A Claim With A Room Rental Agreement?

Unfortunately not. You need to have a tenancy agreement to make a tenancy deposit claim.

How much can I get from a tenancy deposit claim?

How much you can receive depends on how many "breaches" your landlord, or previous landlord, has made. However, it can add up to many multiples of the initial deposit value. 

How much will I be charged?

You will not be charged for assessing your case. We operate on a No Win No Fee basis. If your case loses, it won’t cost you anything. You only pay when your case is successful and the cost would be deducted from any compensation you receive. Please check the contract when you apply for the particulars of the fee.

How do I start a tenancy deposit claim?

Simply complete our online application form by clicking on the button below. This is the first stage of your claim where you could receive compensation. You will then be contacted by claims professionals.

All claims are no win, no fee. Don’t miss out on £100’s or even £1,000’s in compensation you could be entitled to.

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