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Vehicle emissions claim

Vehicle Emissions Claims

Have you owned or leased a petrol vehicle between? Start a claim today with experienced and reliable solicitors.
No Win No Fee

Claims will start soon

Can I Make A Petrol Claim?

Similar to Diesel Emissions Claims, producers of petrol cars have also misled customers over the efficiency of their vehicles. These petrol claims will start soon, so keep an eye on this page.

Legal Experts

You need legal representation to claim. The lawyers we use are uniquely placed to handle large corporate cases and have a long track record.

Simple Process

Making a claim is simple. With just a few details we can check your eligibility and start your claim.

No Win, No Fee

You are only charged after the claim has been won and you have your compensation. If you lose, you pay nothing!

What Is A Petrol Emissions Claim?

Enter Your Car Reg Number

Use our elibility checker to quickly find out if your vehicle is eligible

Complete A Quick Online Form

Complete a quick online form to start your petrol emissions claim

Claim Your Emissions Refund

Our partnered legal team will represent you to claim your refund

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use

We have access to a pool of well-reviewed major solicitor firms all of whom have experience with this type of claim. So, we match you with the appropriate legal firm for your claim. We are also an FCA-regulated company, which ensures legitimacy and adds extra protection to you as a client.  

Is the Petrol Emissions claim real?

Yes, the petrol emissions claim is real. This is a group litigation carried out by a group of law firms. Some claimants making similar diesel claims against Volkswagen have already been paid an average of over £2,100. The claim is no win no fee so there is no need to transfer or risk any of your own money.

Is there any risk to starting a petrol emissions claim?

No. All claims are no win no fee. You won't risk anything to claim. Any fee is simply subtracted from the compensation paid to you (see below).

What does it cost to make a petrol emissions claim?

You only pay a fee to the legal firm handling your case if your claim is successful. This is expected to be around 20-40%, but you will be told what the fee is when your claim is approved. The fee is capped at 50%, so you will definitely get at least half of the compensation. If the claim is not successful, ‘after the event’ insurance (known as ATE) is provided by the law firm. This means it does not cost you a thing unless the claim is successful.

Can I make a petrol emissions claim myself?

The legal fees for taking a large car manufacturer to court are very high. If an individual tried to make a claim themselves the legal fees would most likely far outweigh the payout. This is why it is best to join as part of a group litigation. By signing up you become part of a collective of claimants who share the legal fees.

Can I cancel my claim?

You can cancel your claim within the first 14 days. If you cancel your claim after that you may be liable for some legal fees.

Does it matter if I still own the car?

No, you don't need to still own the car to be eligible to claim. Your eligibility will depend on the dates you bought and sold the car. Our simple form will tell you if you are eligible.

Can I make an emissions claim for a car bought on finance?

Yes. Cars bought on finance, including second-hand cars, are still eligible.

Can I make an emissions claim for multiple cars?

Yes. You can make a claim for each vehicle you bought which is eligible. Just fill out a separate form for each car.

How long does an emissions claim take?

This is part of a group action lawsuit which is a complicated legal proceeding. This means it is difficult to estimate a timeframe, but it will likely take a few years. In the case of VW claims, they were first grouped together by the court in May 2018, with the trial due in January 2023. However, a settlement was reached in May 2022.

I signed up for a claim but haven't heard anything

The group litigation process is long, meaning there may be nothing to update for periods of time. Also, the legal teams involved in petrol emissions claims are processing claims from thousands of individuals, so may not contact you instantly. After you claim you should instantly receive confirmation texts, and after more time be contacted by the legal team. If you have any doubt about whether you are properly signed up for a claim, as you haven't heard from anyone feel free to contact us.

What do I need to claim?

As well as basic contact details, you need the car registration number and to confirm the dates you owned it. Make sure you correctly include a mobile number and your signature, as you can't join the legal proceedings without them.

Don’t miss out on £100’s or even £1,000’s in compensation you could be entitled to. Check whether you are eligible now

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