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stamp duty claim

Stamp Duty Refunds

If you bought a property was a second home, you may have paid too much Stamp Duty. Get a legal professional to negotiate with HMRC on your behalf.

Free Review | Claim £1000's | No Win, No Fee


About Stamp Duty Refunds

You may have overpaid thousands of pounds in Stamp Duty if you’ve purchased a property within the past 4 years.

Stamp duty land tax (SDLT) is a huge part of the property buying process and one of the biggest transaction costs home buyers will have to pay. However, some buyers may have overpaid or qualify for an exemption in retrospect, which means they may be eligible for a stamp duty refund.

How much you pay will depend upon the value of the property and whether you bought a second home. If you are buying a second home, you generally have to pay around another 3%. However, it is never quite that simple. There are a few caveats to these rules. For example, if you sell your first home within 3 years of buying the second, or you purchase a home that is uninhabitable, you may get a stamp duty refund.

All claims are no win, no fee. Don’t miss out on £1,000’s in compensation you could be entitled to.

Legal Experts

A legal expert will look at your situation and tell you if they think you have a case.

Simple Process

Making a claim is simple. With just a few details you can start the process.

No Win, No Fee

You are only charged after the claim has been won and you have your compensation!

Second Home Stamp Duty

We assist clients who have purchased second homes or have property portfolios because they pay a higher rate of stamp duty. 

No matter what you plan to do with your additional property – whether that’s as a buy-to-let investment or as another residence – it is classed as a second home. 

For these second properties, there are a few exemptions which may reduce your stamp duty. These can include uninhabitable properties or selling your first home.  It can also be on ‘moveable’ dwellings such as motorhomes, houseboats or caravans – or on freehold properties that have been purchased for under £40,000.

Although there are many different circumstances that HMRC considers when it comes to cases of overpayment, we put you in touch with an expert team are specialists when it comes to dwellings with multiple issues. 

You could have paid significantly more than you should have for an ‘uninhabitable’ property. 

What actually makes a property uninhabitable as far as SDLT is concerned? Don't worry, we can help with that.

If you think this may apply to you, we may be able to help you claim back £1000's. Check to see if you qualify.

Free Expert Advice

It doesn't cost you anything to have your case looked at by legal professionals

Quick And Easy

As soon as you send the required documents, a legal experts can tell you whether you have a case

Compensation to be Transferred

After a claim is successful, the compensation is transferred straight to you.


Why use us?

The assistance of our legal professionals can greatly increase your chances of success. The team are experts in the complicated stamp duty refund process. They ensure that your claim is prepared in a way that maximizes your refund potential. They handle the paperwork, communicate with HMRC on your behalf, and provide expert guidance throughout the entire process.

How long does it take to get a stamp duty refund? 

The processing time can vary depending on the complexity of the claim and HMRC's response time. Our legal experts have ways of making this process as quick as possible. On average, it takes around 6 weeks from the submission of your claim to receiving your refund. Your case handler will work diligently to expedite the process as much as possible.

How long can I claim after purchasing a property?

HMRC won’t accept stamp duty rebate claims for property purchases that took place more than 4 years ago. However, even if you are outside of this time period, there may be other ways in which we can help.

If I think the property was "uninhabitable", what qualifies as a defect?

We can advance claims based on the following (non-exhaustive list of) defects:

Defective Heating System


Unsafe Electrics




Structural Issue


Non-operational Bathroom or Kitchen






Severe Roof Leaks

If you purchased a residential property which suffered from any of the above or similar defects, you might be eligible for a stamp duty rebate.

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